I was chatting with/texting my baby sister Amy this morning.  We are doing a Bible study together.  We have done “devos” on the You Version Bible App (highly recommend by the way)

If you’re a parent of anyone over three days old, you may as well know, you’ve scarred your kid.  If you’re not a parent, you probably had a goldfish, and let’s

Let me long-story-short this because it really is a long story.  I’m Canadian.  I was born here but I was raised in central Africa, and I went to high school in Kenya

There was a time before we had kids.  The memories of it are sketchy at best, but I have photos so I can prove I was there.  And emerging from the foggy

So, here’s the problem with copying out scripture a book at a time.  You bump into passages you’d rather avoid.  I’m in the gospels. (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the first four

I speak from experience when I tell you that any lazy hack can grow a weed. But fruit? That takes work. Shortly before my 50th birthday last December I informed